About Me

Welcome to my website and personal project: noby leong – Experimental Cook. I hope you can join me as I chronicle my journey through food.

For the last ten years, I have trained and worked as a scientist, even completing a PhD in chemistry. I also worked as a science communicator, editing the blog The Other Side of Science and contributing to many science publications across the web including the Royal Institution of Australia and Nature. I even briefly became a wannabe artist, performing a science show called The Free Beer Show at the Adelaide Fringe Festival. But now, I’m hunting for new food and cooking adventures.

What brought on this sudden change of direction? Well, I swapped the lab for reality TV and was a contestant on the SBS cooking show The Chefs’ Line! I guess TV makes you do strange things.

Through this website, I hope to combine my scientific training with my love of food. I want to discover the secrets of cooking, delve deep into our relationship with food and understand the science of what keeps us alive. I hope you can join me living life as an experimental cook.

Photographed by Philip Gibson, styled by Trang Nguyen