Last week, I made my debut on national TV as a contestant on The Chefs’ Line. And what a week! I cooked off against the chefs of one of Australia’s top restaurants, China Doll, had my food tasted by some very knowledgeable palates and found out that hey, my cooking ain’t too bad!

On top of all that, my recipes were featured on the SBS Food website, complete with professional photography that made them look more delectable than they probably are. I even have my own page!

So if you watched the show (and thanks by the way!) and wanted to know how I made juicy babrecue pork belly with giant steamed buns, steamed barramundi with ginger and garlic, pork and prawn potsticker dumplings or tea-smoked duck with pancakes, here they are! Thanks so much to the team at SBS for putting it all together and photographer China Squirrel for the amazing food porn!

Click on each image for the recipe.

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