Welcome to my website and personal project: noby leong – Experimental Cook. I hope you can join me as I chronicle my journey through food.

For the last ten years, I have trained and worked as a scientist, even completing a PhD in chemistry. While that life may be behind me, it’s hard to take off the scientific hat. But life is a big experiment and I intend to shine a scientific lens on food, cooking and everything in between.

Through the blog, I’ll go through my thought process when cooking new dishes, examine the history, culture and science of our favourite foods, take a peep into the future of food and much more. I hope you can join me and discover the wonderful world of food and cooking!


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    1. Thanks so much Su! It was quite the experience. Thanks for watching and supporting! As you can tell, I have spent most of my life post-high school eating and eating and eating….

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